About framework

Umbrella provide many components to easily create administration backends.
All vendor was developed on Symfony 5.
Unlike EasyAdmin or Sonata, this framework is component oriented and doesn't use an abstraction layer for CRUD, that makes it very easy to understand.

umbrella-core bundle

Contains all UI components, they can be used on back-office but also on front-office :

  • Datatable : Datable creation component based on DataTable.js.
    Uses the same principle as Symfony FormT(Factory, Builder, Type) and supports a lot of features (Async loading, Tree view, Custom adapter, Form filter, ...)
  • Menu / Breadcrumb : Menu / breadcrumb creation component.
  • Form : Add some useful FormType and theme - Choice2Type / Entity2Type (select2), AutoCompleteType (select2 with async loading), DatePicker / DateTimepicker, Collection, Ckeditor, ...

Contains all tools needed to create backends :

  • Admin theme and template.
  • User management : Admin view to edit admin user, Profile view to edit your own account and security system to login and recover password.
  • Maker : Create table php bin/console make:admin:table and tree php bin/console make:admin:tree view with Maker command.
  • Notification manager : Lightweight notification system.