# Default configuration for "UmbrellaCoreBundle" umbrella_core: form: # Layout of bootstrap : default or horizontal. layout: horizontal # Default label class for horizontal bootstrap layout. label_class: col-sm-2 # Default group class for horizontal bootstrap layout. group_class: col-sm-10 widget: # Twig template used to render Widget Type. template: '@UmbrellaCore/Widget/widget.html.twig' ckeditor: # Name of javascript asset to load with CkeditorType. asset: null # Default config to use on CkeditorType (if none specified). default_config: full # List of configs for CkeditorType @see Umbrella\CoreBundle\Ckeditor\CkeditorConfiguration for example. configs: # Example: my_custom_config: { toolbar: [{ name: clipboard, items: [Undo, Redo] }], uiColor: '#FEFEFE' } # Prototype name: [] datatable: # If false, all content render on DataTable column will be escaped. is_safe_html: false # Default page length for datatable. page_length: 25 # Default css class for datatable. table_class: 'table table-striped table-centered dt-responsive w-100' # Default css class for tree datatable. tree_class: 'table table-centered dt-responsive w-100' # Default dom for datatable @see dom: '< tr><''row''<''col-sm-12 col-md-5''li><''col-sm-12 col-md-7''p>>'


# Default configuration for "UmbrellaAdminBundle" umbrella_admin: # Name of app (Used on mail, sidebar title, login page, ...) app_name: umbrella # Path of logo app_logo: null # Name of menu to use on admin menu: Umbrella\AdminBundle\Menu\BaseAdminMenu user: enabled: false # Entity class of Admin user. class: App\Entity\AdminUser # DataTable Type class of Admin CRUD. table: Umbrella\AdminBundle\DataTable\UserTableType # Form Type class of Admin CRUD. form: Umbrella\AdminBundle\Form\UserType # Name of sender for user email. from_name: '' # Email of sender for user email. from_email: # Time to live (in s) for request password. password_request_ttl: 86400 profile: enabled: true # Route of Profile view. route: umbrella_admin_profile_index # Form Type class of Profile CRUD. form: Umbrella\AdminBundle\Form\ProfileType notification: enabled: false # Notification provider service used to provide notification from an user, must implements NotificationProviderInterface. provider: null # Time (in s) between two requests of notification short-polling used to refresh notification view (set it to 0 to disable). poll_interval: 10